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Yuval Peres Yuval Peres Yuval Peres Yuval Peres
Rotor-Router Model Gaussian Analytic Functions Stable Marriage of
Poisson & Lebesgue
Random Walks


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Selected Papers:

  1. Cover times, blanket times, and majorizing measures . (J. Ding, J. Lee, Y. Peres). STOC 2011 and Ann. Math. 175 (2012) 1409-1471.
  2. Anatomy of a young giant component in the random graph . (J. Ding, J.H. Kim, E. Lubetzky, Y. Peres ).   Random Structures & Algorithms 38 (2011).
  3. Gravitational allocation to Poisson points . (S. Chatterjee, R. Peled, Y. Peres, D. Romik). Ann. Math. 172 (2010) 617-671.
  4. Tug-of-war and the infinity Laplacian . (Y. Peres, O. Schramm, S. Sheffield, D.B. Wilson ). J. Amer. Math. Society 22(1) (2009) 167-210.
  5. Cover Times for Brownian Motion and Random Walks in Two Dimensions. (A. Dembo, Y. Peres, J. Rosen, and O. Zeitouni).  Ann. Math. 160 (2004) 433--464.
  6. Geometry of the uniform spanning forest: phase transitions in dimensions 4,8,12,... (I. Benjamini, H. Kesten, Y. Peres and O. Schramm.) Ann. Math. 160 (2004), 465--491.
  7. Entropy of Convolutions on the Circle. (E. Lindenstrauss, D. Meiri and Y. Peres) Ann. Math. 149 (1999), 871--904.
  8. Zeros of the i.i.d. Gaussian power series: a conformally invariant determinantal process. (Y. Peres and B. Vir�g). Acta Math. 194, 1--35.
  9. Thick points for planar Brownian motion and the Erdos-Taylor conjecture on random walk. (A. Dembo, Y. Peres, J. Rosen and O. Zeitouni).  Acta Math. 186 no. 2, (2001),  239--270.
  10. Smoothness of projections, Bernoulli convolutions and the dimension of exceptions. (Y. Peres and W. Schlag.)Duke Math. J. 102 (2000), 193--251. 
  11. Intersection-equivalence of Brownian paths and certain branching processes (Y. Peres). Comm. Math. Phys. 177 (1996), 417--434.
  12. Broadcasting on trees and the Ising model. (W. Evans, C. Kenyon, Y. Peres and L. Schulman).  Ann. Appl. Probab. 10, (2000), 410--433.  
  13. Glauber Dynamics on Trees and Hyperbolic Graphs. (N. Berger,  C. Kenyon, E. Mossel and Y. Peres) Probability Theory and Related Fields. 131 (2005), no.3, 311-340.  Version by C. Kenyon, E. Mossel and Y. Peres appeared in   42nd IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (Las Vegas, NV, 2001), 568--578.
  14. Rigorous location of phase transitions in hard optimization problems.  (D. Achlioptas, A. Naor and Y. Peres).  Nature 435, (2005), 759--764.

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